Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Word

The old string and tin cans… good of way as any to spread the “word”. 

Now, let’s talk about the “word”. 

I find it amazing how fast the “word” is spread. I know we live in a world with texting, Facebooking, Tweeting, but still, it seems like people know thing before they even happen. Moreover, what is the “word”? Well, I guess it goes by many names, some good, and some bad.  You might have called it the truth or a lie, a lot might just call it gossip, but it is the “word” and it spreads fast.

Now here is what really amazes me about the word.  We all know that is spreads faster than a wild fire in a windstorm. We all know that it does not lay down on the grown were it was spoken, but takes to the air and flies to all that will listen. Yet, some still choose to speak things and think that it will never get out. They speak lies and not think it will come back to haunt them. They gossip and think it won’t get back to the person they are gossiping about. Sometimes, they do not even realize the power behind the truth they speak and the vast effect it can have.

Now, I know your thinking, where is this coming from? Why is the husband of a drag queen saying this? Well, it is simple. The ability to speak is a great gift. The ability is listen is just as great!

And let me tell you girl! I have heard it all!

The quiet ones are the ones that are listening. We have learned the power of the word. We know its strength. We have felt its might upon us. We have experienced the word’s power for both good and bad. We may have been bullied by words. We may have been uplifted by words. We have been brought back to reality by words. Even you have seen the power of the word. In the news, there always seem to be another story of a boy who could not take it any more. Yet, then there is the story of the young girl that rallied hundreds to help a great cause.

I guess it really comes down to this. We have all heard it said, “choose your words wisely”. They can be a great weapon, but like a double bladed sword, they can cut both ways.

So I hope this leaves you with something to think about. Hey, there’s a good word “hope”.

Well, I am out of here!