Friday, January 3, 2014

Becoming Superman

I’m becoming Superman! Well, I am doing Superman. The pole pose ‘Superman’ that is.

I have been poling for a little under two years now at Twirly Girls Pole Fitness.  One of the moves that I have been working on is the ‘Superman’ pose.  This is where you body is horizontal to the floor, the pole squeezed between your inner thighs, legs extended, one arm reaching back and gripping the pole and the other arm extended out in front of you.  There are a few ways to get into this position. As for myself, I have been working on getting into ‘Superman’ from a ‘Jasmine’.

Well, my first attempts did not look that great. One thing, it hurts like crazy on the inner thighs. My legs were bent to where I looked more like I was in a horizontal squat.  I also needed help getting flipped over from the ‘Jasmine’ into the ‘Superman’.

I just needed to practice more at it and that’s what I did. The pain has become less on the inner thighs and I was able to extend my legs longer. I still needed help getting flipped over into position, but I was getting closer to it.

Finally, just a few nights ago, we worked on ‘Superman’ in pole class. I still needed the help on getting flipped over, but I got into the position. My legs were extended long and toes pointed with my arm reaching out for the sky.

I have to give a big thanks to one on my instructors, AJ, for getting me this far. I know with a little more push and a little more effort; I will be getting there on my own. I will have become Superman!

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