Sunday, January 5, 2014

Putting on a Small Pole Show!

I want you to know pole dancing! How do I do that? I put on a show!

I am about to put on my third pole dancing show on February 1st. This one will be a benefit for my AIDS LifeCycle ride in June. I am doing the main chunk of the organizing for this one. The other two, I had a lot of help from my friend and fellow pole dancer, Lori Myers. She has shown me the ropes for getting these little shows organized.

The venue for theses shows have been a little club in Walnut Creek called Club 1220. We set up a stage curtain for the performers to get ready behind and one or two stage poles on the dance floor. It makes for an intimate evening of pole dancing.

I have been lucky, because the club does not charge for use of the space and lets us keep the money that is made at the door. The door money has all gone towards the fundraiser or invested into putting on future shows, like the one coming up.

I like the small venue for these shows. It gives a place for the pole dancers to perform without the pressure of a big audience. This is a great chance for the ones that want to show what they have learned in class to friends or family.

Then there is a show that I just went to last night, Volare Variety at the Stage Werx Theater in San Francisco. This was a Burlesque style show with singers, a drag queen and of course, pole artists. The wonderful Kate Cotruvo produced this show. The theater seats 70 and also makes for an intimate atmosphere. All the seats had great views without feeling far away from the performances. I look forward to more of Volare Variety show there.

I guess what I am getting at is these small venues are great for putting on a pole show. And these small pole shows are a great way to introduce new people to pole dancing and see what it is all about. 

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