Tuesday, May 3, 2011

In The Beginning...

So, this is the start. My attempt to blog to let you know  what I know, what I think, what I feel, what I see and what I want. And already at a blank of what to write. 
I guess I should start at the beginning, and let you know a little about me. My name is Robert, born to my parents in the early morning of September 12, 1972 in a town called Newbury Park in southern California. After several adventures in my neighborhood, I moved to Oakland the year I started junior high and have lived in the East Bay ever since. Though, a little over sixteen years ago, my life as a  Drag Queen's Husband began. 
It all started when I met a Drag Queen at a bar. The name of the bar was JR's. The name of the Drag Queen was Holotta, Holotta Tymes.
My first encounter with Holotta, well, I thought she hated me right off the bat. I was dating a guy named Charles and Holotta was his friend. When Charles introduced me to Holotta, I got the look that I interpreted as "Fuck Off". Drag Queens can give that look quite well. I made certain to avoid her on my other ventures into JR's.
Then it was on one of those ventures that I found myself being offered a job  at the bar by the manager, Mark Maguire. I had become part of the security crew and found myself working next to Holotta, who ran the VIP list. It was on one of the first nights working that I had my first conversation with Holotta. As we passed each other in the hall, she said Hello. I said hi back. And that was the ice breaker that started the pieces falling into place. 
I was still in the early stages of coming out and still not sure want I was looking for. I had dumped Charles only after a few weeks of dating him. And after a few weeks of working at JR's, I went in on my night off. I think it might of been a night that they had strippers performing. The club alternated sundays between drag shows and striper nights. The striper nights were hosted by another drag queen named Kartuna Strip. Kartuna's boy name was Bobby and I thought that he was kind of cute. Well, it was on this night that I tried hitting on Bobby and offered him my personal calling card. Bobby looked at me and asked me "How big is your cock?". I gave him an honest answer and he handed my card back. Ouch. But don't feel to bad, as Holotta was there that night, out of drag, as just Dale. 
Dale saw the whole interaction between Bobby and me go down. After Bobby walked away, Dale and I had a little bit of a conversation. And then it happened, Dale hit on me. He turned to me and said "This is  where you hand me your card and say 'give me a call' ", and that is want I did. 
Well, sure enough, Dale called me the next day and asked if I wanted to come over to his parents house that he was house sitting for. I agreed. I have been a Drag Queen's Husband ever since.
So, that is how it started. I hope to share more of my adventures as time goes by and give you insight into my view of the world we live in. 


  1. I love blogging! I can't wait to hear about all of your adventures!!

  2. By the way, I'm sure your penis is perfectly acceptable. :-P