Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Passing Friends

Passing Friends. That is the title I gave to a photo I took back in 1996. It is of two drag queens sitting at a bus stop on Castro and Market. One was Holotta Tymes, the other was Veronda Lanai. One is still here… the other has passed on.

The photo has come to be one of my favorites, one that I think really tells a story. Two drag queens, crossing paths. One looking out on the horizon, eyeing what might be to come, the other looking down, pondering what has been. Maybe one is ready to head out in the world, while the other is ready to come home. Nonetheless, they are friends, passing each other on their own journeys.

Sadly, Veronda’s journey came to an end just a few years after the photograph was taken. She was a fun queen to hang around with and left her footprint on the community around her.

This will be the first of many photos I have taken that I will share and what they mean to me.

This particular one was part of a photo shoot for a drag show that was hosted by Cockatielia at the Bahia.

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